Am I the Only One Tired of the Motorcyclist Wave? Staff
by Staff
I have been a motorcyclist for the last 20 years. I owned all sorts of motorcycles. Currently I own both a sportbike (for squidly days) and a cruizer (for commuting/relaxing days) both of which I ride as much as my job, wife and kids will let me.

I have always had the opinion If you ride on something with two wheels and a motor (I'll even include scooters in this description) you're cool with me. But Lately, I've been finding myself getting increasingly irritated at fellow motorcyclists and the feeling I must wave to or return their waving gestures.

Maybe I feel this way because there seems to be a lot more motorcyclist now than there was 20 years ago and waving at them all has become a chore (yes, I'm lazy). Perhaps I'm turning into a grumpy old man at the ripe old age of 36. Or maybe.... with my busy life when I do get a chance to ride I just want it to be a pure experience, the road and my bike. I don't want to be concerned about social niceties when I ride. I don't need to feel like I'm part of a click or brotherhood while I ride. When I'm riding I don't need another motorcyclist waving at me to let me know I'm doing something special.

Because of these feelings, I have decided to no longer wave to or return the waves of fellow motorcyclist. So, if you're in the Southern California area (Edwards Air Force Base and surrounding areas to be exact) and you come across a guy on a sportbike or cruizer and he doesn't wave back to you, it's not because he's a snob, jerk, thinks you're un-American for riding a Japanese sportbike, or a wannabe 1%er on your Harley/metric cruizer. Maybe he's just way too busy enjoying the ride.

HI !! (MO waving at you ;-) And yes, you're grumpy for a 36yr old! ;-P

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