Husaberg MO'tard Testing Staff
by Staff
Super Motard. It means "Super Biker" in French, and has roots in the ABC Wide World of Sports TV program's Superbikers race series from thelate 70's and early 80'. In these races, sticky roadracing slicks were mounted on big-bore dirtbikes and raced on eclectic half pavement/half dirt tracks by some of the fastest road and motocross racers in the business, to see who would become the "Super Biker" of the world.

Like all things odd, the French adopted Motard racing as their own after it was abandoned by our throw-away culture. It caught on throughout Europe, with almost every major manufacturer making these hybrid machines.

In 1988, an intrepid and adventurous Swede named Thomas Gustavsson developed a racing thumper and called it "Husaberg." The company has been building a range of high-performance, competition-oriented motorcycles since.

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