Is a Sportster Too Small? Staff
by Staff
I have a honda 125 dirt bike i can get pretty crazy on. I am looking into getting a cruiser now though. I am a man and weigh about 225. Would the sportster 883 or 1200 be too small for me. Is it more of a worth while investment to move up to a larger harley? I have zero experience with street bikes.

One word: Apes!

Not the furry neo-humans, but those big 'ole hangers that can stretch you out to the second story. Forward controls, and anyone can fit on any Harley -- that's the beauty of them.

Sportsters are considered by many to be chick bikes, though with your size it's likely no one will tell you that to your face. ;-)

Seriously, the bottom line is if you like them and want one, they're great, malleable bikes that can be made to do anything, although you'd be hard-pressed to stick a double on one, the Evel's -- and his social-Darwinism-defying progeny -- amongst us have been, for decades even.


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