First-Ever Florida Ride for Kids a Success

Brett Ratner
by Brett Ratner
Florida bikers banded together to fight pediatric brain tumors, participating in the first-ever Ride for Kids held in the sunshine state.

Read on for official word from the Pediatric BrainTumor Foundation of the U.S...

A different kind of hurricane came to the shores of Cedar Key, Florida on SundayNovember 5 as the first-ever Florida Ride for Kids shared both excitement andcompassion with the residents of this small Gulfside city. Shepherded by TaskForce leaders Dale and Sharon North and a supporting army of volunteers, nearly350 motorcycles rumbled across the causeway with $40,615 raised to find thecause and cure of pediatric brain tumors.

The riders were welcomed by balmy sea air, sunny skies and a warm greeting fromCedar Key community officials and townspeople, who joined the riders in a giantcircus tent erected on the Gulf beach for the Celebration of Life ceremonies. Ifsuper-wide grins are any indicator of how much fun someone can have, theprecious young brain cancer patients were having the time of their lives amidstthe applause and admiration of the riders. Top Fundraiser Randy Lifshotzgathered in $4,616 in donations. The Top Chapter laurels went to the SouthFlorida Rider's HRCA Club with $9,352 raised. Top Dealer honors went to Hap'sCycle Sales of Sarasota with donations of $7,309. The happy winner of the Hondamotorcycle given away by American Honda was Jim Painter of Tarpon Springs,Florida.

This successful event brings the 2000 Ride for Kids season to a close with over$2,000,000 in donations raised to help find the cause and cure of childhoodbrain tumors. While the year's final totals are yet to be counted, the Ride forKids events alone posted a whopping 20% increase over the events of the 1999season.

American Honda congratulates all of the participants of this year's Ride forKids, and we pay special tribute to the task forces in each of the 18 citieswhere the Ride for Kids were hosted. Hats off to the hard-working staff of thePediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the U.S!

We also wish to thank our friends in the media for promoting the success of thisvery noble cause, as well as the many corporate sponsors who helped make thisseason the most successful in Ride for Kids history. Thanks to you, childrenwith brain tumors have hope for a brighter tomorrow.

For more information on the Ride for Kids and the work of the Pediatric BrainTumor Foundation of the U.S., call 828-665-6891 or visit the web sites at or

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