Moto Guzzi Griso: Yossef Brings the News Home Staff
by Staff
Leafing through the lavish press kit prepared by Moto Guzzi for the Griso's launch, it was easy to see that the guys from Mandello had a hard time defining what this thing is in the first place. A power cruiser? Compare it with established members of that niche, V-Max or V-Rod and mmm... well, not really, just not long enough. Muscle Bike? Naahh.... 88 horsies are nice but nowadays fall more into the "nicely developed and athletic" category rather than "steroid augmented hulk". Maybe Tecno Custom? After all that was the name of the concept when it was first presented at the Munich 2002 show. Nope, those who know a thing or two about Kustom Kulture would frown upon the term. Naked streetfighter? Not short, tall and stubby enough. Tough one, yet struggling to define a bike is a nice problem to have. It means that the end result is so innovative that it can't be really cornered into any known nook. Yes, Guzzi's Griso is that fresh a sight.

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