2006 Aprilia Tuono 1000 R

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
This just in from Aprilia:

Just in from Aprilia is this first official photo of the newhead-banging hooligan from Noale, Italy. We have all seen thespy-photos from the factory, but they did not do the new Tuonojustice. This is the real thing in new colour Fluo red with chequeredflag paint on the petrol tank.

The new Tuono 1000R now has thelatest generation V60 power plant directly from the RSV-R superbike.The details are as follows: Maximum power: 98 kW (133 HP) at 9,500rpm. Maximum Torque: 10.4 kgm (102 Nm) at 8,750 rpm. Chassis: NEWFRAME, new swing arm, new usd fork, lower seat height (15mm lower) alldirectly from the RSV-R.

It's well known around MO that the Tuono is my all-time favorite motorcycle. As soon as I received this information, I started wondering about the suspension wheels and tires on the bike in these photos... After a quick call to our favorite Aprilia insider, we learned that the Dunlop tires just happened to be on this test bike for the photo session, but that it doesn't necessarily mean they'll be on the bikes we receive stateside. I was also informed that the cool blue wheels only look like the way-cool forged OZ wheels from the old Factory model. They are in fact regular cast aluminum wheels, but they do share the same color and pattern as those old ultra-trick OZ hoops. More importantly, I also discovered that the new Tuono will indeed be available in a "Factory" version, with upgraded Ohlins suspension, trick wheels and most likely Pirelli's latest ultra-high performance tires. Joy! -Sean

  • Brand new styling
  • New V 60 Magnesium engine
  • Dynamic air intake (the only naked with this technology)
  • New electronic fuel injection system with 57 mm throttle bodies
  • New 16 bit engine management unit
  • New exhaust system with twin silencers and three way catalyticconverter with Lambda oxygen sensor
  • New aluminium alloy perimeter frame
  • New double banana aluminium swingarm
  • New rear suspension linkages
  • Lighter steering yokeMaximum power is 98 kW (133 HP) at the crank and maximum torque 10.4kgm at only 8,750 rpmThe seat is 15 mm lowerSome of the main characteristics of the new V 60 Magnesium:
  • New cylinder heads for improved gas flow and cooling.
  • New camshafts and valve springs.
  • 57 mm throttle bodies with one injector per cylinder.
  • High strength conrods.
  • Lighter overall weight thanks to the extensive use of magnesium.
  • The same close-ratio gearbox as the RSV.
  • Dry sump lubrication with a double trochoidal pump, separate oiltank and oil cooler.
  • Mixed gear and chain timing gear. The drive gears (one for eachtiming chain) are located inside the crankcase to keep the cylinderheads as compact as possible.
  • AVDC (Anti Vibration Double Countershaft).o Aprilia's patented PPC (Pneumatic Power Clutch) hydraulicallyoperated, power assisted clutch system for controlling rear wheelbounce under deceleration
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