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August 25, 2005 -- Moscow Russia. Sponsored by BMW Motorrad of Russia, a two-day Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic was held in Moscow on August 13-14 by road racing champion and author of the best-selling book “Total Control” Lee Parks. The students, all BMW of Moscow customers, were provided the same training

that is currently available at seven licensed providers in the United States. It was the first time an American instructor taught advanced riding skills in the country.

The course consisted of classroom instruction as well as range exercises on an old Soviet airfield. Although many of the students spoke some English, English to Russian translators were used to facilitate communication. Teaching alongside Parks was fellow Total Control instructor and motojournalist Tracy Martin.

In addition to teaching the class, the Americans were given an introduction to the emerging biker culture in Russia. Some of the highlights included a wild ride through the streets of Moscow (traffic laws are optional) and excursions to meet typical motorcyclists at several “biker” hangouts in the city. One such hangout is the Sexton, a restaurant/bar/clubhouse for a

motorcycle club called the Night Wolves. It had the appearance of a post-apocalyptic Mad Max meets Las Vegas. After seeing the Kremlin and Red Square, a sidetrip to St. Petersburg, via overnight train, was taken to visit a BMW dealer that strangely enough is located on the ground floor of a posh hotel. Parks even took a test ride on a “GG,” a $55,000, R1150-powered four-wheeler.

The training and trip were so successful that the BMW dealers are already making plans to bring the school back next spring, and the book “Total Control” will soon be published in Russian. Additionally, a U.S.-based training and tour of the American Southwest is currently being put together for late October for visiting Russian riders.

“I was surprised at how similar the Russian riders were to us,” said Parks. “While the spoken language may be different, the motorcycling experience seems to be the same wherever you go. We were made to feel right at home and I can’t wait to go back and do it again.”

A schedule of coming events and additional information about the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics can be found at or by calling 800.943.5638.

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