Helmets Similar to the Arai ''Astral'' Model?

I tend to have a real hard time finding helmets that fit my head. After a lot of trying things on, the Arai Astral is a pretty good fit, but they are very expensive. (I own one and love the way it fits, but it got a bit scuffed, plus a full face, flip up style would be nice....). Anyway, the local dealers have a pretty poor selection of helmets, though I could *order one.* (yea, right! how am I supposed to know what to order??)

There seems to be a real dilema on helmets (and gloves, for that matter). Stores don't carry a large enough selection on these to try on! How are you supposed to find what you want? (sorry, I'm off topic.)

Original question: What other helments are shaped inside, like an Arai "Astral"? (size XXL, if it matters?

Thanks in advance!


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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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