Protective Gear Really Works!

Not long ago I had a run-in with a deer on a lonely, twisty road in the San Francisco area. My Harley Sportster was destroyed but, despite hitting the ground at over 50 mph, my only injury was a broken wrist and a slight concussion. The reason? Protective gear.

My helmet (Arai) was destroyed. My leather jacket, a Vanson, was badly scuffed and shredded on the arms, right shoulder, and along the shoulder blade area. My boots, Aerostich Combat Tourers, had the buckles badly damaged along with scuffing. My elkhide gloves were torn nearly through the palms.

My riding gear was destroyed but protected me perfectly - no road rash whatsoever. The broken wrist was a common break - similar to simply falling out of a chair - and should heal thoroughly in about twelve weeks (my orthopedist rides a Ducati!).

Lately I've become acutely aware of people riding in t-shirts, shorts and sandles, and wondering what they'll look like in the (hopefully unlikely) event that they get to kiss the pavement, like I did.

The gear saved my life and I've already ordered replacements for when I begin riding again - hopefully very shortly.

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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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