New ZX-10R and Ninja 650R (ER-6N)

Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander
I know you're expecting some hot new Yamaha info, but that embargo won't be lifted for a few more hours. However, Kawasaki based their embargo on GMT, so we're free to give you an early look at the new Kawi sportbikes for '06.

These new Ninjas won't be available for press evaluations for a few more months, but Kawasaki has given us highlights and photos to drool and speculate over. Final prices should be announced in late September, but we're guessing the new ZX-10R will be slightly more expensive than the current $10,999 10R. We'd also guess that the new Ninja 650R (aka ER-6N) will probably be priced near the $6,499 SV-650S.

What do you think?

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Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander

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