Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
So i have not payed retail for a motorcycle since like ah, `86. Needing a new RM85, I venture into various dealers to talk turkey, only to find that they all want to jack $3099 msrp up by approximately one grand. I know I gotta pay the tax man, but the rest of it gets my goat. Freight and dealer prep, yada yada. Just throw the crate in my truck, I say. I can put on wheels myself. Oh nooo we can't do that... in fact one guy said you need a dealer's license to open the crate. I am in California. What is the deal? Hello... it reeks of false advertising or fraud or something bad... the problem is RM85 is a high demand item.

Actually, JB, the last time you put wheels on a Suzuki ya put the brake on the wrong... ...oh, nevermind, just remember to safety wire up the cam chain on the Benz when you take off the... ....oh, nevermind. You got the money, just pay the prep! Of course you're correct on all points above, and, a thousand apologies to the Great JB lest we incur the written word wrath of Bitter Little Man! It's about time he came out of retirement. Get Fishstick Jimbo Hatch whipping up some art while you're at it...

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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