Harley Going Legit?

I've just received the 2006 edition of Harley-Davidson's whopping P&A catalog.

I notice in the Screaming Eagle section there are no more "off road use only" (wink wink) high performance parts available. In past catalogs there were plenty of cams, pipes, etc. (complete with dyno charts) showing how you could build your mild-mannered TC88 into a 120hp, 125 ft-lbs monster.

All pipes, cams and engine displacement kits available are 50 state legal. In addition, the last few articles in Enthusiast magazine have dealt with loud pipes issues.

Of course the aftermarket will always provide the open drag pipes to morons who are more into appearance than performance but it's good to see The Motor Company leading the way.

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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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