Sportbikes Vs. Lawmakers Staff
by Staff
I've read that the big 4 have entered into a gentleman's agreement to limit top speed on the bikes they build. If I recall correctly, this is much the same deal that German car makers have between themselves and the German government.

But, with our bikes I worry that one day lawmakers will step in and say ENOUGH!

Currently even kids with no credit and no down payment can ride home on a bike that will go 175 + mph.(Knowing how to ride is not required!)

Some states have even started seizing bikes caught doing certain things. While I'm not sure I agree with this, it highlights my point that the law is taking notice of our bikes. And they don't seem to like what they are seeing.

So, how long will it be until we are all slapped with speed, horsepower and displacement limits?

How should riders and manufacturers deal with this upcoming legal storm?

What are your thoughts my fellow MOridians?

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