MCN: New GP Inspired R6 (not)

Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander
From MCN's site: "Make sure you don't miss Wednesday's issue of MCN with exclusive news of a new R6 for 2006.

MCN says that the '06 changes include: Chassis layout similar to an R1, Radial mount brakes, New swingarm and a New engine. They also claim that this image is thier "exclusive" and say there will be more details on page three of this week's issue - out on Wednesday, August 10, 2005.

Whaaa Whaaa Whaaa... MCN shouldn't pass go, and can't collect $200. I just returned from a semi-secret briefing with Yamaha and though the specific info is embargoed for another couple weeks (don't ask, cause I won't tell), I will say this: MCN isn't even close, their image is totally wrong and "Radial mount brakes" were already standard on the current R6. As usual, MCN's shocking new model news is pure pie-in-the-sky speculation. -Sean

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Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander

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