How Do We Get'm to Build What We Want?

I am more than aware of the passions on all sides of this subject. But, if possible I would like to approach this from an 'I'd like to actually fix what I don't like' mind set.

So, with the above in mind. I ask all my fellow MOrons. What will it take to get one of our, right here at home in the good'ol US of A, motorcycle manufacturers to build a truly competitive sportbike? (Competitive = Price also!!!)

For perspective's sake I will say this; Manufactures the world over seem to understand what we want. Except for manufacturers between the right and left coasts here at home? Why is this? More important, why are we having so much trouble getting them to listen to us? Damit people, I've got the cash right here! Build what I want and I'll buy it today!

Yes, there's Buell, and Buell is getting very close. But they're still under achievers of dubious reputation.

What do we need to do? Go protest outside bike factories here in the US? Yes, I know that's a silly suggestion, but manufactures sure aren't listening to us doing what were currently doing. Buying foreign made bikes!

So, what do we do?
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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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