Moving Through Traffic, CHP Reccomendation?

So, the other day I'm cruising southbound 101 near Sausilito, here in the not-so-sunny Bay Area of California. I'm in the fast lane, moving through traffic at about 75mph. For the most part I was staying in lane one, with occasional moves to lane two to get around non-yielding cages. Ambient traffic speed ranged from 70ish in the faster lanes, down to 60ish in the exit lane. Posted limit was, of course, 55.

So, I'm riding in the center track of my lane, and up on my left side, between me and the barrier, a shiny black and white R1150RTP roars up, and motions to the next exit. Pulled over. Yay. First time in five years. Needless to say, I'm a bit put-out.

So, we stop, and the officer writes me a ticket. No discussion, no questions, no lecture, nothing. Just license, registration, insurance, and a friendly yellow slip of paper telling me pay my fine by mail or show up at Marin County Superior at the end of August.

Was I speeding? Yes. Posted limit was 55, and I was doing exactly what he wrote me up for. However, my training, and everything I've read on the subject, leads me to believe that moving through traffic at 5-10 mph faster than ambient traffic conditions (without swerving dangerously all over the road, which I was not doing), is a good way to minimize threats approaching from the rear in highway-traffic situations.

If I recall, the CHP itself reccomends this practice to motorcyclists. So, I'm considering fighting the ticket on those grounds. Thing is, I cant find that particular reccomendation in writing anywhere, and I was hoping that some of my more... seasoned and resourceful MOrons could enlighten me as to the true nature of that reccomendation. I know it was brought up in my MSF BRC and ERC, but I've only *heard* that its a policy endorsed by the CHP.

Anyone know for sure?
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