New Models Announced: Suzuki GS1200R, Naked CB 900F

Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
rvfrules writes:"The latest Japanese bike magazines have all published stories on a new Suzuki Cafe racer due out at the end of January. Called the GS1200R, it is based on the 1981 GS1000R racer, and looks just like a 1986 GSXR1100 with the side fairing panels removed...

Honda is releasing a naked version of the CBR929 in April called the CB900F. Not many details, but the sketch in the mags has it looking a lot like the faired 600 hornet. Unless Honda sticks a cooler looking fairing on it, I have to say the Yamaha Fazer (FZ-1 in the US -- Ed.) has it beat hands down."

Anyone seen these pictures, or have URLs to link to?

Update, Friday 05:32 PST: The Suzuki has been spotted at It's in Japanese...

The GS1200R has the following features: Twin lights set in a half fairing (like the old GSXR1100), the same oil-cooled 1200cc engine as the Bandit, 4-piston Nissin brakes, analog tach/digital speedometer, clip-ons above the triple clamp, megaphone exhaust pipe, twin rear shocks, 170 rear tire. No power figures are quoted for the engine but redline is at 12,500 so let's hope we see some GSXR-level power from it.

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Brent Plummer
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