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Press Release Issued By Triumph Motorcycles (July 20, 2005)

Triumph Motorcycles today announced strong sales and continued positive growth for the 2005 financial year (July 04 to June 05).

The statistics speak for themselves, with global sales up 29% on 2004. UK sales have risen 10% in a static market, North America sales increased by 40%, both France and Switzerland saw rises of 43%, Japan rose 34%, Italy 25% and Germany is up 18%.

Triumph has grown by 25% per year for the last two years, proving the brand turnaround initiated after the factory fire in 2002 is on track.

Tue Mantoni, Commercial Director at Triumph comments: "A significant contribution to our growth in sales stems from the successful launch of new products and the work we have done with our dealers. These are the most important areas to the consumer and it’s through these two crucial touch-points that we communicate the brand and make the change in our business visible".

With the launch of several new models over the last year, including the Speed Triple and Sprint ST, the model range is significantly more focused and comprises distinctively designed machines with lots of character.

A concrete change is that all new bikes going forward will have either the parallel twin or the iconic triple engine, something that's unique for Triumph in the motorcycle market. Mantoni comments: “Triumph is all about individuality and riding something that not everyone else has. We have worked hard to define Triumph’s identity and the success of our latest models is evidence that the consumers like what we have done".

In several markets, the demand has outstripped the supply of the new models and there are long waiting lists if you want to get your hands on models like the Speed Triple and the Sprint ST. Mantoni comments: “The fact that you have to wait for your bike makes the ownership experience more rewarding for the people who actually got their hands on one of the first bikes".

Triumph has also worked hard to create a unique retail experience that reflects the Triumph brand, including the launch of a new corporate store design. This bespoke design emphasises the lifestyle aspect of motorcycling by integrating the display of clothing, accessories, merchandise and the motorcycles themselves. The store design is currently being rolled out to dealers across the globe.

Mantoni clarifies: "For the majority of our customers, the dealership is their primary contact with the Triumph brand. The signals that we send through our dealers and the service that the customer receives define the brand in many ways".

“Our growth demonstrates to dealers and customers that we can run a successful and profitable business. This builds confidence in the future for the people who dedicate their lives to Triumph either through their business our through their own lifestyle."

“The focus on launching distinctive new products and enhancing the retail experience will therefore remain core to our strategy going forward.”

Triumph’s financial results will be published in full in September.

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