Is This the King of Electric Bicycles?

Brett Ratner
by Brett Ratner
After the news item on the Zap electric bicycle yesterday, Aprilia's media mogul Robert Pandya opened our eyes to what may be the coolest electric-assist bicycle on the planet.

The Aprilia Enjoy is more than just your garden-variety grocery getter. There are two versions; one of which looks fit for real off-road adventures...

For you dazzling urbanites, there's the "City" version of the Enjoy. Those prone to venture off the beaten path have the "Racer" model with which to entertain them.

Both models are relatively light weight and the prices are not out of reach. Take a look at the bicycles and let us know what you think.

These bicycles are from the same company that made the Falco and the Mille, so you know they can't help but be awesome!

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Brett Ratner
Brett Ratner

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