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For the 40 percent or so of you MOFOs that have indicated you're into cycling, you no doubt know the Tour de France is in full swing this year, and Lance Armstrong is going for a mind-boggling seventh consecutive win. It's unheard of. Unthinkable to maintain that kind of fitness -- arguably, he's the most-fit endurance athlete in the world -- over that period of time.

If you've ever seen Lance racing in the Tour (it's televised daily on OLN) -- or any pro bicycle race for that matter -- you've no doubt noticed motorcycles zipping around taking pictures, carrying wheels, acting as water wagons and generally supporting the whole show -- it's amazing how many petrochemicals need to be burned to support the riders, and how deft the drivers must be.

Fred Rau was lucky enough to be Sammarye Lewis' -- Lance's official photo biographer -- driver at the USA Pro Tour's Redlands Classic near Los Angeles. It's an interesting tale, so check it out MOFOs.

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