The Riders Were or Were Not Wearing Helmets

I normally don't post stories about motorcycle crashes. I don't like to pander to gory or macabre interests. But I'm looking at motorcycle headlines, and even though they're about crashes, they bring up something interesting...

The first one I found interesting because it said " Truck Collides With Motorcycle". "Finally, " I thought, "a story that doesn't pin it on the motorcyclist."
The story does make it clear that the truck driver was at fault. But it also reported that the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet. Why? Is this an effort to somehow exonerate the truck driver?

The second story caught my eye because it mentioned that a motorcycle had crashed into a police car... while the police car was running its siren and flashing lights. "How distracted do you have to be to run into a police car." I wondered. Sure enough, the article mentioned that the motorcyclist and passenger where not wearing helmets.

This last story was sad. A woman had died just one day after getting her learner's permit. The article reported that the woman was wearing a helmet.

So why do reporters seem to always mention whether the rider was wearing a helmet? Maybe it's the editors who insist that such info be included. Why? What interest are they serving? Any ideas, fellow MOrons?

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Steven Verschoor

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