MotoGP Weekend... What Was Your Experience?

Sean Alexander
by Sean Alexander
I enjoyed the race itself and I'm glad I went once but I'm not sure I'll be back next year.

Massive price gouging, long lines for everything, a real dump of a facility and SCRAMPs total inability to manage an event this size made the overall experience pretty marginal.

MO was there all three days, and we understand that a lot of people = longer wait times. Overall, we found the event to be well run and a totally fantastic time/experience. However, there were a few silly things, like placing most of the food stands in the middle of the already choked/crowded walking path connecting the two infield foot bridges, and little things like running out of cups and/or straws at the frozen lemonade stands. Prices were typical for racetrack concessions, with 20oz bottled soda selling for $4.00, large hot dogs for $3.00 etc... nothing shocking compared to other big races around the country. The stories of Hotel's gouging and double booking have nothing to do with SCRAMP, Laguna, Dorna or MotoGP and shouldn't reflect on the event or venue.As for next year; we'll be back for sure. -Sean

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Sean Alexander
Sean Alexander

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