Save Your Hearing and Your Wallet

Kind and gentle MOrons. You do wear ear plugs when you ride, don't you? Good. Do you buy yours at the local drug store? They're almost $1.00 per set of ear plugs. Maybe that's not so bad, but how about if you could get them for about 15 cents a set?...

It never occured to me, but it has been brought to my attention that you can purchase ear plugs in bulk quantities on line. You get a box of 200 pairs, and each pair is neatly packaged in its own pouch. There are lots to choose from...

  • Here're your basic ear plugs. These have the highest noise reduction rating you can get.
  • Feeling patriotic? Here's the same thing in a nice red, white and blue color scheme.
  • Maybe you find ear plugs uncomfortable. Here are some special soft plugs. I know people who swear by these.
  • Finally, maybe you're too cool for ear plugs. Try these. They've got flames!

If you don't like the plugs I've highlighted, just go to the homepage and enter "ear plugs" in the search box at the top of the page. You'll get even more options.

Last, but not least, for you MOrons who've stayed with me to the very end, here's a final money-saving tip. Once you've decided which ear plugs you want to buy, don't use the on-line order form. If you order on-line, you will automatically be sent a large, heavy catalog with your order. This only increases your shipping cost. What you should do instead is call Northern Safety (800-631-1246) and place your order over the phone. Tell them not to include the catalog or other mailers.

There you go. You just bought several years' worth of ear plugs, and you saved up to about $170. Cool.

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Steven Verschoor

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