Those Crazy, Drunk Aussies

Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
Here's another one from Down Under:

Police Condemn Grand Prix Drunks

Police have condemned the behaviour of people arrested for drinking related offences during the 500cc motorcycle Grand Prix at Phillip Island (over) the weekend.

Clearly, the Australian police have never been to a Loudon AMA National and seen "The Pit." When I was last there, in 1995, there were bike drops (someone brought a flatbed crane), burning cars, and a U-Haul was set afire. While Loudon is always a bit extreme, is there no fun left in the world?

Here's the rest of the wire report:More than 50 people were charged for drinking-related offences, many of whom were arrested on Saturday night.

Superintendent Adrian Fyfe says the young troublemakers had driven to Cowes in Phillip Island with the sole aim of getting drunk.

"They're nothing to do with the race, they weren't there with the intention of going to the race," he said.

"It just gives people a negative image of Victoria who might've been there or international visitors who came down."

More than 200 people were issued with infringements for drinking in a public place, while 17 people were charged for carrying illegal fireworks.

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