Teaching Stupid Bikers A Lesson

TrueBlueM3 on the Bimmer message boards writes:
Why do stupid bikers always have to weave and ride between cars? Don't they understand this is dangerous? I taught one a good lesson today while driving up a backroad off the five. I was driving at a fast pace enjoying my ultimate driving machine. Soon, some jackoff on a sportbike comes riding up close to me. This is when I downshifted waiting for him to try and pass me. As soon as he pulled to my left to try and pass me, I gave him a nice swerve and ran him off the road into the other side. He's ok, all I saw was a huge dust cloud. I hope he and other learn there lessons. He's lucky he didn't go head on with another oncoming car, stupid bastard.

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I don't know who this TrueBlue joker is, but someone has made a start into discovering his identity...

Probably used the posted from info to determine:


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I don't know whether TrueBlueM3 is just shooting his mouth off on the Bimmer boards, or whether he actually ran a biker off the road. Who wants to find TrueBlueM3 and find out?

TrueBlueM3's original post, and the follow-up post.

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