Is This the New Daytona 675?

Being a recently minted Triumph owner, I've been keeping an eye out for information regarding the rumored 675 or 680 triple Daytona. Well, a very interesting speculative rendering has been popping up on the web...

This Photoshop mock-up seems to be based on the ZX-6R, but it does bear some resemblance to the spy photos MCN has claimed is the new baby Daytona. (Yes, MCN, I know what you're thinking.)

The bike is said to produce 119 bhp and more tourque throughout the rev range as a triple should. Other interesting bits include inverted forks, radial-mount brakes and an undertail exhaust.

Possibly the most intriguing thing to be churned out of the rumor mill is that Triumph likely intends to go racing in World Supersport. A 675cc Triple would seem to fit perfectly between the Asian I-4 600s and the Ducati 749 twin. Either way, if the rumors are true, the 675 might just be an ideal middleweight street/sportbike.

Truimph is introducing two new models in September and the odds-makers say that the replacement for the D6/650 will be one of them.

So what do we have here, MOnation? Is this an another example of Triumph being a half-step behind, or are they onto something?

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Steven Verschoor

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