Harley to Do More Rentals

HD is growing it's rental business. Great way for HD to sell more and get more people riding! While this might sound great at first, let's think about this for a second. What have rentals brought to car companies?

Yeah, sure, short term you sell more and introduce more people to the bikes. But could it be that rentals are a great way to sell surplus bikes in this case?

If you keep doing rentals, in the end-of-the-day, your bikes will be subconsiously be associated with rentals. And those surplus bikes, will still be surplus, just used-surplus. Watch your resale value go down.

This sentence has drawn my attention:
>>> ''But if you look at the retail sales at the dealer level, they've been slowing now for two or three years. So it's not like this has served to either accelerate their business or to prevent it from slowing."
Since they where selling more and more until this year, does this mean that a lot of their growth already was/is rentals?I do not want to ***** off HD fans, or beat a dead horse, and let's not start a flame war, but is the widely awaited HD downfall coming in the next few year.

And most importantly, does this mean that in a year or two I will be able to pick up a pristine Sportster as my second bike for next-to-nothing from my weekend-bada$$ neighbor?
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