Hotels Around Laguna Seca Poised for Profits

MotoGP fans accuse establishments of price gouging

So much money will change hands that some area businesses have sought coaching on how to handle the windfall, and some may not be handling it well. Race fans for weeks have been accusing some area hotels of overbooking rooms, canceling long-standing reservations and inflating overnight rates. There have been so many complaints that a small group of hotel managers met recently to discuss how to avoid negative publicity for the entire industry so the event will return as scheduled for the next four years.

Roncarati and other industry leaders are defending most of the businesses, saying they didn't mean to overbook rooms but instead underestimated the impact of the MotoGP. It was announced in August that the race was coming back to Monterey, and the Peninsula's 12,000 hotel rooms reportedly were booked by October. Read more...

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