Motorcycle Fatalities Rising Worldwide?

Brent Plummer
by Brent Plummer
Australia's Transport Safety Bureau reports that there's been a five percent increase in the number of motorcycling-related deaths Down Under this year.

Simliarly, we reported on April 25th that US motorcycle fatalities are on the rise as well. What gives?

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is more popular than ever here in the US. Helmets and protective gear are steadily improving. Though fewer people are required to wear helmets nowadays, it seems to us here in California that more people are using helmets and also better gear. But still we're dropping like flies. Again, we ask, what gives?

Here's the Australian Press Release:

The bureau says 1,361 people were killed on Australian roads in the 12 months to September, 55 more than the previous year.

The bureau has also released statistics showing 10 per cent of all motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes in 1996 had never held a licence.

The statistics show unlicensed motorists were more likely to be drunk, speeding, riding without a helmet or driving without a seatbelt.

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Brent Plummer
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