Full Face Helmet Ban

I would like to to request for international attention on the plight of riders in the Philippines facing ignorance which dictates policy affecting riders safety & rights in my country.

For the last six years motorcycle riders in the Philippines have been actively fighting against laws, legislation and even rules dreamed up by construction companies that put motorcycle riders in danger or restrict their freedom as tax paying motor vehicle owners.

In recent months it has been realized that because motorcycles are the only vehicles that can slip through the chaotic, lawless mess of Manila traffic criminals are using them as getaway vehicles. To try to combat this, one counsellor decided to introduce a no backride law (no passengers on motorcycles). Another decided that because these criminals are hard to recognize when wearing full face helmets he would introduce a ban of full face helmets while another said everyone passing through their part of the city must register their helmets! Lastly a senator decided he would introduce a law that all motorcyclists must paint their name and plate number on their helmet!

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Steven Verschoor
Steven Verschoor

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