I Want a Yamaha MT-01 !!

I like the Buell, short wheelbase V-Twin sportbike design. I just can't deal with the 'Motor Company' anymore.
Then, when Yamaha introduced the MT-01, I thought I was in heaven. Only to find out that WE (In the U.S.A.) can't get it.

So, to satisfy my desire to get the Yamaha V-Twin, I thought about getting a Midnight Edition Warrior .
I really like the motor.
I'd probably get the Stage 4 race kit (designed by Pat Patrick racing).
But, I have a few small problems with the rest of the bike.
I'm not crazy about the long wheelbase and low ground clearance.


How can I get an MT-01 in the USA (Legally)!!??

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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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