Ben Bostrom the Superhero?

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Hot off the Los Angeles business wire:

Motorcycle Racing Champions and OMS Ltd. Clients Mike LaRocco, Sebastien Tortelli, Ben Bostrom, Lance Isaacs and Scott Summers and Mountain Bike Racing Champion Missy Giove to Become Superheroes for all Media...

As further evidence of Stan Lee Media's (NASDAQ:SLEE) ability topartner withdominant brands in genre specific markets (The Backstreet Boys, Mary J.Blige, GeneRoddenberry), a five-year agreement has been forged with Kentucky-basedsportsmanagement firm OMS Ltd. to create superhero alter-egos for MikeLaRocco, BenBostrom, Missy Giove, Sebastien Tortelli, Scott Summers and LanceIsaacs, racing starswho are known in the world of two-wheeled extreme sports, reaching anestimatedaudience of over 450 million recorded annual impressions.

Under the agreement, the companies will jointly develop and own"animated brandextensions" of these popular athletes for all media exploitation, withStan Lee Mediaretaining the sole right to distribute projects for Internet, homevideo, cable, satellite andother mediums, including traditional licensing and merchandising.According to Ken Williams, president and CEO of Stan Lee Media,"Motorcycle racinghas millions of fans in the U.S. and abroad, and what better way toreach them thanthrough animated versions of the sport's most popular stars? We arepleased to partnerwith OMS to broaden the brand value of these athletes through theimprimatur of StanLee."

"The athletes we've assembled for this project and the fast-paced,colorful racing sportsthey engage in are a natural for animation," OMS Ltd. managing directorFred Bramblettadded. "Motorcycle racing has always been considered the originalextreme sport andextreme sports are enjoying tremendous growth and popularity worldwidetoday. Turningthese premier racing athletes into superheroes is a natural extensionof that popularity andprovides tremendous new media and merchandising opportunities for ourclients."

About OMS:

OMS Ltd., Inc. provides representation for premier athletes, teams andrace seriesinvolved in the world of extreme personal powersports. The companyoffers marketingpartnership, media, licensing and merchandising opportunities in one ofthe currentlyfastest growing areas of Generation X and Y spectator sports. Clientsof OMS Ltd. include past as well as present national and world champions in allforms of extremepersonal powersports. These athletes compete in the premier world andnational racingchampionships, including EA Sports Supercross racing, one of the mostpopularattractions in motor sports (televised internationally to 138 millionhouseholds in 158countries). Client brand value is enhanced through licensingpartnerships with toycompanies including Spinmaster, Mattel and Jakks Pacific andinteractive video gameproducers including 989 Studios, THQ and EA Sports.

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