The End of So-called ''freedom''?

Since 1997, mandatory helmet laws have been repealed in Kentucky, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Texas and Florida. (Louisiana's law was reinstated in 2004.) More states are considering changes to their helmet laws...

  • In Tennessee, a bill that would have made wearing helmets an option for anyone over 21 and who has at least $10,000 worth of medical insurance died in committee. The state has required helmets since 1968.
  • In Nebraska, a compromise bill to rescind the state's 15-year-old helmet law for two years while the issue was studied failed in a filibuster. Under the proposal, police would have been barred from stopping riders for not wearing a helmet unless they were committing another offense.
  • Missouri lawmakers failed to approve a bill that would have repealed the helmet law for riders ages 21 and older while allowing law enforcement officers to pull over vehicles if a passenger was not wearing a safety belt.

Michigan is one of several states that has considered changes this year. It looks like it's going to be a heated battle in that state's congress. The opposition to so-called "freedom" is growing stronger. Read more.

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