Yamaha Follows BMW Sales Model

BMW's motorcycle sales have been increasing here in the U.S. and abroad. Some observers, including a handful of vocal MOrons, credit BMW's increased sales to attractive financing deals more than anything else.

It seems Yamaha has noticed BMW's success and intends to emulate it...

Yamaha is offering it's flagship R1 at $0 down with very low financing rates. Pay attention, gentle MOrons, this isn't one of those deals where you get a great interest rate for the first year or two, then the rate rockets to 20% and even higher. This is a true BMW style deal...

  • $0 down
  • 0.99% over 36 months
  • 1.99% over 48 months
  • 2.99% over 60 months

That's no money down plus highly subsidized financing over a full 5 years! And it's good for the R1 and the FZ-6 models.

So is there a catch? Is there any bad news?... Yes, this deal is only good in the U.K.

Don't be angry with me for getting your hopes up. If the plan is successful in the U.K., maybe Yamaha will bring it to the U.S.

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Steven Verschoor

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