It Ain't The Tool: The Canyon Carving Shootout Staff
by Staff

"Has this happened to you?" queries Feature Editor Ets-Hokin, "I know it'shappened to me. I have this recurring nightmare:I'm riding the fastest,most powerful, best-handling sportbike I've ever owned up a gnarly,twisted mountain road. I'm braking late and getting on the gas early. I'mwearing leathers and my kneepucks are lightly tapping the ground in thecorners. My wrists ache and my knees are straining, but it's worth itbecause I'm going fast as heck. I'm on a vehicle that is purpose-builtto do one thing and one thing only -- go as fast as possible on pavement.

"I'm not looking in my mirrors, because there's nothing in them butblurry elbows, but if I did, I would see a crusty old guy wearingmoto-cross boots and an even crustier old Bell helmet with goggles,astride a monstrosity of a motorcycle, a dirty, banged-up dual sport,rolling on skinny tires and making all of 32 bhp. He's gaining on me,and then, with almost no warning aside from a whirring sound not unlikea Huey helicopter, he is past me, pushing the bike into the next bendas he disappears from view. The guy looks like he's barely awake, muchless breaking a sweat.

"Awakening, I think: 'This is just another urban legend.' Or is it?"

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