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After many years of bike lust and freaking out about being middle-aged I'm going to get a moto. I have just started looking but I've noticed that so far, none feel particularly comfortable except a BMW R1150R. Sat on a Ducati Monster SR2 and MV Agusta Brutale and it felt like I'd have to get my pelvis surgically re-shaped to fit the seat. The reach to the bars was pretty awkward too. Evidently there's not a whole lot that can be done about this, which seems weird to me. I've ridden bicycles for years and swapping out parts to suit each buyer's anatomy is common. Handlebars come in different widths, stems that attach the bars to the bike come in different lengths and rises, and there's probably a couple hundred different seats. I realize that we're talking about much more expensive parts and those parts would have to be made for each model, but why not just a few different seat contours? As far as I can tell, Ducati is the only manufacturer that offers seat adjustablity on the 999. Why don't other companies do this or is this just not that big of a deal?

Depends on the bike -- get a KLR650 and you can change bars to your heart's content. Most air-cooled Harleys, too. Some BMW seats adjust up and down... but, yes, most seats are non-adjustable units and hurt to boot. You can put GenMar handlebar risers on select bikes.

Suffer like a man! Guess that's the answer...


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