AMA Efforts Overturn Chicago Bike Ban

Here's the background info:

The International Rotary Club is about to stage "the greatest celebration in [its] history": the 2005 Rotary International Convention, which commemorates the organization's first one hundred years of service. The convention will take place in Chicago.

It turns out that several members of the Rotary Club ride motorcycles. They even have their own subdivision: the International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians. The Motorcycling Rotarians have been intricately planning their participation in this year's convention. One aspect they've been particularly looking forward to is riding their bikes in the convention parade.

But the city of Chicago spoiled it all by banning motorcycles from parades.

Here's the outcome:

The Motorcycling Rotarians turned to the AMA. Thanks to AMA efforts, the city of Chicago has "significantly changed its recently announced ban on motorcycles in parades... Under the new regulations, each parade will be permitted up to two groups of no more than 50 motorcycles each."

Read the story in AMA News.

Read about Rotary International.

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