American Honda Vs. HRC Development Staff
by Staff
Can someone explain to my why American Honda chose to develop their own AMA superbike this year, as opposed to leveraging HRC? I'm sure it has something to do with money, but can't imagine why you'd ride a CBR, and then not make use of HRC, which has to be the most powerful force in motorcycle racing development that exists. The Honda's can't keep up with the Ducatis this year, much less the Suzukis.

That's a really loaded question... fluctuates dramatically year-to-year and it's not any one thing that makes or breaks a team -- although tires can do that, Honda has remained with the same brand and there's been no major rule changes to mess with the rubber. Think F1 here -- first grooves, then length-of-use rules were implemented. That's drastic.

Everyone won races @Factory/Erion last year on the CBR1000RR, so it sure seemed like a good idea then. And 10 bucks says that even though development is here, the trick parts stem from HRC, although no one really knows what's inside the factory engines/chassis parts -- remember the so-called $100,000 shock on Miguel's Daytona Supersport bike? Who would've know if it wasn't later claimed? The factory knows and they're not telling. Even if you think they're telling you, they're not: The point we're trying to make is that pro race teams in every genre never tell the public the full, real deal, and so the only thing we have here is speculation, no matter the source and how vociferous they are that they know the truth. So, our official anwers is thus: We don't know, don't believe anyone that claims to know, and we'll wait for Miguel's memoirs in years to come. Another 10 bucks says the Honda juggernaut will be rolling again soon, and like Ferrari in F1, it's neat to see and gossip about the ups and downs of the dominate team while they struggle. Regardless, speculate away, MOFOs!

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