Just Like a Biker Movie

A group of motorcycle outlaws ride into a sleepy town. The local residents are fearful. The sheriff rallies his troops, and the bikers are run out of town.

Does that sound like a tired old plot? Well, it's reality, Bucko...

A motorcycle club called the Vagos rode into a small town in Oregon for a poker run. The local police wrote them so many citations that the Vagos ended up unable to ride. It seemed that as soon as they put their feet on the pegs, they'd get another ticket.

"I hope it was the kind of reception they don't ever want again, and don't return to Josephine County,'' Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel told the Daily Courier. Read more.

And in case you're curious about the town where this took place, welcom to Grants Pass.

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Steven Verschoor

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