Sprint ST With ABS

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
Sorry folks, I can't help it. Must be the 50% Limey in me blood!

This from the Triumph website:


Note, we just confirmed a Tiger for our Open Adventure Shootout, and an ST is on the request block for Sport Tourers '05. Looks like Triumph is coming around to the online thing! Stay tuned, if we get one, we'll let you'all know in advance of the ST shootout.


"The Sprint ST has evolved even further with the introduction of the ABS version. The ABS system used on the Sprint ST works in a similar way to the technology now standard on cars. The system operates at 100 calculations per second and so can sense the exact moment the wheel is about to lock up. It then releases the brake a fraction of a second to allow the wheel to regain grip before reapplying the brake. The switch controlling this process operates at a mere four milliseconds and the system modulates the pressure between these two points to achieve optimum breaking."

(Now you know just a bit more than nothing about the system, eh?)

"£8,399 'on the road' retail (Orders being taken for 2006 model year, subject to price increase (see your nearest Triumph dealer))"

Apparently there are a couple of these on the road in the U.K., but my favorite dealers on this side of the pond have heard zip on what, when and where for the 'States. Word is the ABS will cost approximately $1000.

The ABS bike is going to be available in a beautiful deep Red, the Caspian Blue and the Aluminium Silver. That is, if you believe the site.

Turbocharging, autopilot and all-wheel drive are not available factory options.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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