Hyosung 650 GT (r)

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
Hyosung Comet 650 GTR ... I would like to see a review of it and or the whole Hyosung (Alpha Sport) line.

The 650 GT is powered by the much beloved SV650 motor. I was looking at it as a cheaper alterenative to the SV650. My jaw dropped however when I learned that the Korean import comes in a much higher state of tune... pumping out 78.9 HP instead of the 69 for the SV650. I even find the Hyosung frame to more actractive then the Suzuki's ugly "updates".

Things got more interesting with a simple google image search. The Comet 650 comes in a half fairing (S model) and even a full fairing version call the GT R. Suzuki's SV does not offer a full fairing for its twin. Here is the kicker, its gorgeous! Looks like they decided to copy the Benelli Tornado and I can't think of a prettier bike to imitate.

A look on cycle trader shows that the Comet in its R form is selling brand new as low as $4999.99.

I am interested in buying it but I haven't been able to find one outside of South Africa. Save me Moto buddies and get a review up!

Be the first in the USA!

We'll contact Alpha Sports ASAP and see what we can do. Anyone know what, if any, parts are compatible with a Suzuki SV650? A lot of rumors abound concerning this... guess we'll find out when we get ahold of Alpha. Stay tuned!

Update: MOFO "skadamo" sends links to a GT 650R available now on eBay.


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Motorcycle.com Staff
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