Are Modern Sportbikes Engineered Too Close to the Edge? Staff
by Staff
It's way too soon to tell if Suzuki really does have a problem with frames on the GSXR1000 but a recent MO news item does bring up an interesting point. Are modern sportbikes, the vast majority of which will never see a racetrack, engineered too close to the limits of lightness and engine performance at the expense of durability and reliability? Are marketing forces causing OEM's to design racer replicas that are largely unsuitable for street riding? What is your sense of the perfect combination between durability, reliability and performance? Is there an engineering standard to which bikes designed for the street should adhere? Should reliability be a factor in ours or anyones evaluation of motorcycles?

What say you, Moridians?

Interesting post from Mr. Hackworth, especially since if something can withstand the rigors of racing, the common belief is that it should be more than ample on the street. The frame that failed was a racebike, though. Mind you, this is a generalized question, let no one jump to conclusions about GSX-R1000 frames, the history of that individual bike is unknown and undocumented to us -- was it dropped off a crate by accident? Crashed before racing? Dropped in prep? Bad weld? Who knows, for now at least -- if you have updates, post feedback below. We'll monitor, as always, the recalls.


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