Talk to Noriyuki Haga

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
From Alipnestars:

Each month on Alpinestars' web site, racers as diverse as Ducati's Ben Bostrom, Honda's Ricky Carmichael and Yamaha's Max Biaggi will have their own 'homepage' featuring pictures, interesting facts and an interview with the racer. The interview is where the fans (our readers -- Ed.) play an important role.

The questions that the 'racer of the month' chooses, plus the first thirty questions to reach Alpinestars, will receive a poster hand signed by the racer. The next racer online is motorcycle road racing star Noriyuki Haga. The deadline to send questions is December 31st 2001, and Haga's interview will go online in February. To submit a question to Noriyuki Haga, Log on to

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