Bigger Ain't Necessarily Better

This month’s SportRider magazine has a piece on the Apilia’s SXV super-moto. And, while I have to admit that bike is way cool, the SXV engine and the rumors surrounding it, are even more exciting. Pushing 70+hp and weighing in at (get this) 69.5lbs, the little screamer seems to have a bright future. When Aprilia is done playing in the dirt with the SXV power plant, it looks like it’s heading for the street. Reportedly it’s a poorly kept secret that Aprilia is planing to build an SXV powered sport bike, and the words Stressed Frame Member and Engine are being seriously bandied about, together.

After running the numbers through my head and filtering the rumors through my fondest hopes, I can’t help but wonder. Could there possibly be a 70+hp sport-bike that weighs less than 350lbs, arriving from Italy in the not too distant future?

Now, I wonder…what would some of us do with something like that?

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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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