Yoshimura Suzuki Test - Update From Daytona

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
It's never too early to startpreparing for the 60th annual Daytona 200 by Arai on March 11. Today atDaytona International Speedway, Yoshimura Suzuki's Mat Mladin, AaronYates and Jamie Hacking opened up a three-day test in preparation forNorth America's greatest motorcycle race.

Mladin, who is the two-time defending AMA Superbike champion and the2000 Daytona 200 by Arai winner, is shaking down his new bike -- theSuzuki GSXR750. After turning about 10 laps on the 3.56 mile road coursebefore the lunch break, Mladin seemed pleased with the motorcycle...

"This is the first time we've ridden the new bike," said Mladin, anative of Australia. "It's all brand new. The new bike is reallypromising. We just have to keep developing and the good thing is it'sonly October and the race isn't until March. So we're going to get somegood development time before the race so by the time we come back toDaytona we're ready to rock.

"We know now the bike is as good or better than the bike that we wonwith in 2000. By the time we leave here our lap times should be quickerthan we've ever done here, that's our expectations."

Next season brings a new teammate for Mladin at Yoshimura Suzuki --Jamie Hacking, who'll compete in both Superbike and the 600 Supersport.

"I think he's a good addition to the team and Suzuki is putting a lotof hope in him to win the 600 Supersport championship with Aaron and I'msure that working with him all year will translate well with theSuperbike," Mladin said. "I think his main focus will be to try to winthe 600 Supersport championship and I think he has the ability andpotential to do that. He almost had the championship this year if notfor the problems he had at Daytona."

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Brent Avis
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