Who's Going 200mph??

Just caught an article on MSNBC.com. Granted it's not exactly the front page, but it is definately bringing us Motorcyclists some negative publicity.


What do you feel about this subject?

Personally, I did purchase a sportbike (FZ-1) to have some *fun*, but honestly I can't see myself (or anyone) going much more than the cars around here - maybe as much as 25 mph more, maybe even 40 mph for short stretches. There's simply too much traffic around here, and frankly, going fast in traffic isn't all that much fun. Too many visions of high-siding over the SUV-hood of some soccer-mom with her cellphone in one hand and the lipstick in the other (who needs a steering wheel in SUV's anyway???).

But - I have seen some knuckleheads on two wheels making total a$ of themselves in the middle of rush hour as well. And even I, as a sportrider and avid AMA member, had to agree with some of the things brought out in the article. Everywhere else in the (western) world riding permits are much harder to attain than here in the US. It's almost given away, especially when compared to the structured licensing that they have in Europe and Australia.What say you fellow riders?
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