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I'm just about to come off my 250cc restrictions and am looking to upgrade. I commute to work daily through country roads then into city traffic. I ride no matter the weather (except for fog). On weekends I like to get out for the day and head somewhere for lunch or simply to look

I'm getting confused reading tests and trying to determine the best bike for me.

I've considered the Yamaha FZ6S, Suzuki SV 650S, and Kawasaki Z750.

A little help for a newbie please. Which one or any other alternatives?

We'll guess you're in England? If so, and the weather is poor, what about a larger adventure bike, or even a smaller one -- such as Suzuki's V-Strom or DR-Z400E? The latter bike is a true dirtbike and so you could also enjoy that side of the sport... Beyond that, all three bikes you list would do you fine, it's really a matter of the type of lifestyle you want to live and project.

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