'05 Monster 620 or CBR600rr for 1st Bike?

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
I am 35, fairly responsible, took the MSF course and want a bike for 1-2 hr. weekend rides, runs to the store, the occasional commute to work, etc. I don't want a cruiser or touring bike...I want something on the sporty side even though I don't plan to go completely nuts on it. I know most people recommend a small bike for beginners, but any thoughts on either of these two? Both of them just do something for me that others don't. Enough said...I am ready for the advice and the criticism.

Get the duck! No, the Honda! Get them both and be happier! Really, though, these are very disparate bikes, and two excellent choices. The total cost of ownership for the Honda should be less, but the Ducati is rife with personality and you may find it more comfortable. The Honda is definitely faster in a straight line, the Duck torquier down low. Prioritize and pick for yourself. Lastly, definitely don't listen to any advice from any MOFOs!

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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