A 1972 CB 650 for a Beginning Biker?

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
A neighbor of mine is selling a 1972 Honda CB650 that looks in great shape, with 7600 mi on it. My wife really liked it, and I rode it around a bit and it seems to be doing the important things just fine (shifting, braking, ...).

Does anyone have any comments on whether this would be a good bike for my wife to learn how to ride, in combination with a Motorcycle Safety course? She's 5'5" and it fit her pretty good. It was a bit tight for me at 6'1".

I do most of the work on my own bike myself, so I shouldn't have too much trouble fixing things if anything goes wrong. Are parts available for a bike this old? He's asking $1650 OBO. I am leaning more towards the high $1000 range, so I'll try to talk him down.

Any comments are welcome.A 1972 for $1650! Is he nuts! One could argue that it's somewhat of a collector's bike, but really the CB750, Z900, later GS1150ES et al. are more collector oriented. Get her a used Honda Rebel for a lot less as it's just about the lowest step-over/seat height you can find, so it's less intimidating to learn on. Feet planted firmly on the ground and all that.

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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