Palomar Mountain Residents Form Group to Stop Speeding Motorcycles Staff
by Staff
Now I'm starting to get worried. This anti-motorcycle group has gotten itself a federal grant to fund its crack-down on motorcycles.

Less than a year ago, the speed limit on parts of Mulholland Highway was lowered to 35 mph. They're talking of doing the same thing on Palomar.

And if that isn't enough to get your blood pressure up, read this quote from the Palomor Mountain fire chief, George Lucia:

I don't want the bikers to hurt themselves or get in a crash with a resident driving (on) the mountain, and I don't want firefighters to be tied up on a motorcycle crash if a resident is having a heart attack at the top of the mountain.
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It's fine that the fire chief doesn't want people to be injured, and it's fine that he wants his firefighters to be available for a resident who is having a heart attack, but it's bull***** that he's only going after motorcyclists. If he's so worried about residents with heart attacks, he should not be messing with speed limits. He should put limits on what residents eat. He should get the fat and cholesterol out of their diets, get them off of their couches and out for some exercise...

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